Randy's Voyages

Why a Home-site on the Web?

Hi, my name is Randy Crenwelge. I'm on a voyage through Cyberspace. I'm curious who are you? Where are you? Why me? Is there meaning beyond the horizon? Do we share a common destiny? A common interest? A challenge? A smile? A friendship? Do you understand the meaning of this, or do I fade like a mist? Tell me more from a distant shore or move on to more appealing waters. I dare you to make my day pleasant. If not, maybe this mode of communication was discovered to keep the peace. Or, maybe I can add value to your existence. You can Email me at Randytall@aol.com


Kings Point Marine Engineer

As a marine engineer, I have designed, operated, and maintained navy ships, merchant ships, barges, offshore oil rigs, tug boats, fishing boats, and yachts. I graduated from the US Merchant Marine Academy at Kings Point, New York. I sailed on a merchant ships that used steam as its means of propulsion. One was 3 football fields in length. On that ship, I could literally see the hull bending back and forth in the waves. In the US. MERCHANT MARINE, I traveled aboard ship all around the world including to countries in South America, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia. I have seen the Pyramids, Mt. Kilimanjaro, King Tut's mummy in Cairo and been to South Africa just to name several places. I have/had a wonderful career including that of a Patent Examiner, Navy Ship Design Engineer, electrical engineer, Military Cargo Reserve Fleet Maintenance Manager, science teacher, newspaper reporter, economist determining the costs of regulations imposed on the maritime industry. For example, I analyzed the impact of invasive species transfer, including the zebra mussel, via ballast water discharges from ships on US. industries including power plants and fisheries. My RESUME is available.

Ham Radio Operator WB5LPN

Ham Radio is a fun and exciting hobby. I am licensed by the Federal Communications Commission to communicate all across the world using a powerful radio that puts out 100 to 1000 watts. I talk to other ham radio operators using voice, Morse code, teletype, and data. I have the capability to send and receive television pictures around the world, and I listen to and can talk with the astronauts live aboard the international space station. I have spoken to people in Europe, Japan, and Australia, and I have been heard in remote Mongolia. My favorite mode of operation is Morse code. I know it like a second language and can send and receive at more than 20 words per minute. We call it "pounding brass." Click on HAM RADIOto find out more.

When Creativity and Art Flourish

Sketching lighthouses and portraits are a pastime of mine. It energizes me. See my LIGHTHOUSE

What is Valued and Treasured

I value integrity and down to earth people. If you are a good person, I accept you. To me, commitments are never broken. I have always taken my job seriously; I have enhanced the competitiveness of the US Merchant Marine and other industries through cost effective regulations, patent approvals, designs, maintenance standards and procedures and I have always put safety of life and property in the highest regard.